Bundai Dok Ruk

Release Year: 2011

Country: Thailand

Author(s): Updating

Artist(s): Updating

Genres: Asian Comedy Drama, Asian Drama Drama, Asian Romance Drama

Status: TV Series

Views: 6911

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Theme song: "Bundai Dok Ruk" Om and Min ///Aom Akkaphan Namart as Thoop-Thien //// Min Peechaya Wattanamontree as Krachao/// Sammie Puntitha Cowell as Meekrob// Pol Poolaphat Attapanyapol as Athidej/// Geng Chartchai Ngarmsan as Chidchai/// Pornrampa Sookdaipung as Tubtim// A twin romantic comedy starring Om Akapan, ‘Min’ Pechaya Wattanamontree, and Sammie Pantitha Puwijaan. Om is the twin, playing two characters Thup and Tian. Love the name play, Tupe means incense and Tian means candle. One is a playboy, the other is a serious business man. Min plays Krachao. She comes from a poor family and will do almost anything to rise up but her heart is pure. She doesn't steal, lie, or cheat others out of their rightful earnings. Her best friend is played by Sammie. Sammie works on Tupe and Tian's farm. She brings in Krachao to help her as a worker and along the way they befall many schemes from outsiders who want to destroy the farm or destroy Krachao's good reputation. SammieWatch drama online for free.

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