A Very Special Love

Release Year: 2008

Country: Other Asia

Author(s): Cathy Garcia Molina

Artist(s): John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo

Genres: Comedy ; Romance

Status: Movies

Views: 5108

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A Very Special Love is about two young people with totally different backgrounds but they discover that love truly knows no barriers. Sarah plays Laida, the breadwinner of her family. John Lloyd is Miggy of the Montenegro clan, the owner of several businesses including a publishing firm that he manages. Laida is hired as an editorial assistant of one of the magazines named Bachelor, which Miggy publishes. The boss decides to make Laida his own personal assistant and even forces to pretend to be his girlfriend during an event. Pretty soon, Laida's dedication to her job and the special attention that she was receiving from the big boss caught the attention of the other employees. She became the butt of jokes and gossip started being spread about her in the office. To save face, Laida revealed a secret about Miggy, which, of course angered the male executive. When Miggy reacted to her embarrassing revelation, Laida defended herself by citing the faults that she saw in him: that he was a snob and a braggart. Upon realizing his mistakes, Miggy apologized to Laida and promised to change. They became good teammates and eventually, became a couple as well.Watch drama online for free.

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